Important Note: This directory is for quality high importance New Zealand sites only.

means it's a real website, not just a page of ads or affiliate links
High Importance
means Google pagerank 3 or above for the front page.
  • Yes, we know that Google Page Rank is a flawed and manipulated concept, but it's the best the owner of this site has available.
  • Yes, this cut-off at PR 3 is arbitrary and we know it can be argued that a higher or lower pagerank should be the cut-off point. We will probably raise the cut-off point once we have a better idea of sites that want to be listed here, we are highly unlikely to lower it.
  • Yes, we know that your site will be PR 3 in the next reload of Google pagerank. Please submit it again then.
New Zealand
means (for our purposes) that the submitted domain name ends in ".nz" and does not automatically redirect to a non-New Zealand extension
  • Yes, we are aware that some .coms are owned an operated by New Zealand companies.
  • Yes, we are aware that foreign companies can own and operate .nz domain names.
  • Yes, we are aware that this excludes your blog on free hosting (It's excluded a couple of ours)